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Thesis: standards and formats: Pagination and numbering

Identifying the standards and recommendations for presentation, being able to write in accordance with page layout and typographic rules.

Page numbering

Numbering always starts on the front side (odd number) of the first printed page (title page) and always ends on the last printed page, however many volumes there may be.

Numbering must be continuous, appendix and illustrations included.

The title page is counted, but not numbered.

A flyleaf may be placed before the title page, in which case it will be counted but not numbered.

Numbers must be in Arabic numerals and may be placed in the header or footer, centred or not.

Chapter numbering

For section, chapter and paragraph numbering, the standard recommendation is to comply with the following decimal format:

  •  Section: 1
  •  Chapter: 1.1
  •  Paragraph: 1.1.1

Any new section (chapter, table, appendix) always starts on a new page.