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Thesis: standards and formats: Presentation

Identifying the standards and recommendations for presentation, being able to write in accordance with page layout and typographic rules.


There is no standard obligation for format, however the A4 format remains a valuable standard, adequate for both hard copy and screen reading.

It is recommended to go for a paper of 80g grammage, whether the thesis is printed in double side or not.

Volume numbering

In the case of a thesis comprising several volumes, the presentation should remain identical throughout.

The information presented on the cover page must be reported identically in all the volumes, including the content of the back cover.

The volumes are numbered and may include details on their content (for instance, Volume 2: Appendix; Volume 3: Illustrations, etc.).


You must choose your media while accounting for the following recommendations:

  • A light-colour cardboard cover will allow its content to stand out.
  •  A see-through plastic sheet is a cheap way of providing efficient protection to your cover page.
  • A non-spiral binding will help avoid bending. A leather binding, being more costly, requires that all the information appearing on the cover is reliable and perennial, which is not always certain at the time of printing.
  • Inserting a picture will incur higher costs for colour printing.

Some universities provide their doctoral students with standardised presentation templates in diverse formats (.doc, .odt, etc.).