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Thesis: standards and formats: Page layout

Identifying the standards and recommendations for presentation, being able to write in accordance with page layout and typographic rules.


Minimum dimensions:

  •  Left and right margins: 2.5 cm minimum (essential for binding and printing).
  •  Top margin: 1.5 cm minimum.
  •  Bottom margin: 2 cm minimum.

Page layout

  •  Front and back:

Writing on the front of the page is recommended, unless your thesis is especially bulky.

  •  Paragraphs:

Paragraphs must apply a style to avoid "widows and orphans", isolated lines at the top of a page.
In your word processing software, tick the box "Keep lines together" (for instance: In Word, go to menu Layout / Paragraph / Line and page breaks).

  •  Spacing:

Text must be justified to avoid line breaks. Single line spacing is a minimum.

Typefaces and fonts

  • Size: 12 points on average. It is recommended to use free Unicode typefaces. In case of online upload, it is recommended to specify the typefaces used in the thesis, especially for languages and words in non-Latin characters.
  • Types: with or without serif.

Sans-serif typefaces are easier to read on a screen, even at small sizes (Verdana, Trebuchet MS, Tahoma, Arial, etc). They are often used to highlight titles and subtitles.

Conversely, serif typefaces are often used in the body of long texts and are easier to read on paper.

  •  Advice:

For the sake of clarity and readability, it is not advised to use more than two different typefaces.

Similarly, you should be moderate in your usage of bold and italics.