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Feed aggregators, customizable pages: Introduction

Create a workspace on the Internet and subscribe to RSS feeds. Import and export RSS feeds. Share monitoring results with other internet users


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An RSS feed aggregator is also called a feed reader. It can take the form of a web application, or a program, or a module integrated in a mail system, and allows you to display new items from monitored sites/blogs on a customizable web page. The feed aggregator is therefore directly linked to content syndication (via RSS feeds). Users who syndicate to the content redirect the information to which they subscribe (for example, the latest articles published on blogs that they follow) onto the web page that they have created.

The content of this monitoring is distributed in the form of widgets. These are windows that contain the titles of the latest articles published on the monitored sites. The titles are clickable and give direct access to the information source (the web page of the article on the site or the blog to which you subscribe). Most aggregators allow you to class selected information sources into folders.

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