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Feed aggregators, customizable pages: Sharing your feeds

Create a workspace on the Internet and subscribe to RSS feeds. Import and export RSS feeds. Share monitoring results with other internet users

Exchanging / exporting feed lists

Most feed aggregators allow you to exchange or export feeds between different lists in a specific format: OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language).

Private / Public

These pages can remain private. However, you can make them available to selected Internet users in order to share your favourites and your monitoring results with them. You can also make them public and accessible to any Internet user.

On Netvibes, by default you will create a private page that is accessible only by you or your invited partners, but you can also choose to create a public page from your account. This may be particularly useful if you keep an online notebook and you want to show your readers what sources you drink from.

Netvibes obviously has a search engine indexing all the public pages created on this platform (e.g. the IFREMER public page).

Warning, Netvibes only allows you to create a single public web page.

Towards collaborative monitoring...

Towards collaborative monitoring...

Collaborative monitoring is primarily for documentalists and librarians, but it can also be done in the context of a laboratory. The principles set out in the following presentation are perfectly transposable in this context:

Introduction to library collaborative monitoring

View more presentations from Le Lirographe. Petite introduction à la veille collaborative en bibliothèque, Raphaëlle Bats & Christophe Robert, 15 October 2009. CC Licence: BY-NC.
Petite introduction à la veille collaborative en bibliothèque, Raphaëlle Bats & Christophe Robert, 15 octobre 2009. License CC : BY-NC.

Sending comments to an author

When you read a blog post from a reader (see the image above of Netvibes), it is possible to send a comment to the author without having to leave the reader to go to the blog.