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Feed aggregators, customizable pages: An aggregator for your thesis

Create a workspace on the Internet and subscribe to RSS feeds. Import and export RSS feeds. Share monitoring results with other internet users

Organizing your Netvibes page

The following video shows you how to (very easily) parameterize and organize the netvibes aggregation page.

Sylvie Roth, Frédéric Soussin, Netvibes Visit. 2010.

Adding RSS feeds

You can also directly add an RSS feed that you copied elsewhere on a site, into your portal by pasting its URL here:

To obtain the address of the RSS feed that you are interested in:

  • Visit the website of your choice

  • Click on the RSS logo and select a feed if several are proposed

  • Or right click on the logo and choose "copy link address".

  • Then, paste the address in your Netvibes portal by clicking on "add content" and then "add a feed".

What can customizable pages do for my thesis work?

  • View at a glance the new items on the sites that I monitor;

  • Follow day-to-day the scientific news in my discipline, on sites, reference blogs...;

  • Capitalize on the monitoring of my research topic, by bringing together all the alerts created in the databases, search engines... in the same tab;

  • Share my latest finds with my user network;

  • Retrieve finds from my user network;

  • Display my latest bookmarks and tags from bookmark sharing platforms (DeliciousDiigo…) on my customizable page;

  • Create my own virtual desktop, grouping various tools, applications, web site addresses, notes, etc.