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Publishing in Sciences - Technology - Medicine (S.T.M.): How to get published?

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Main criteria for selecting journals

Suggested (or even imposed) journals suggested by thesis directors


Periodicals to which the laboratory subscribes, or which are usually read in the laboratory,


Journals appearing mainly in the bibliographies of the articles that help initiate a subject.


Titles highlighted by the final bibliographies of (recent) theses whose subject matter is closest to your research axis.


Terminal bibliographies of (recent) reviews that are close to your research axis.


Exploring the Subject Categories of the Journal Citation Reports, a bibliometric tool appended to the Web of Science (the statistical evaluation database of international scientific production developed by Thomson-Reuters): see Formadoct Bibliometry.

Secondary criteria

Although secondary, these criteria are becoming increasingly important. They're connected to:

  •     Web 2.0 type websites (scientific social networks etc.)
  •     collaborative and syndication sites
  •     search strategies

If, through the use of these tools, groups of researcher focus by affinity on a research axis, it is possible to create clusters of journals that concern this axis.

All criteria according to Simpson :)

Where to publish? What are journals worth? The point of view of some doctoral students...