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Publishing in Sciences - Technology - Medicine (S.T.M.): The editorial system

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The triangle: Author / Editor/ Reviewer

The Author. In the field STM (Sciences, Technology, Medicine) writing alone is not frequent. Collective writing imposes rules on co-authors


The Editor. He is responsible for the content of the journal


The Reviewer. It is a "reader", a member of the editorial board, appointed by the editor to evaluate articles submitted as part of the peer reviewing process.



The editor

  • He is the direct recipient of manuscripts


  • He shall refrain from any discrimination upon their reception


  • He selects and supervises reactive and competent reviewers


  • He shall deal with submitted manuscripts without delay


  • He prevents possible conflicts of interest


  • He avoids any attempt to retrieve or escape concepts included in the texts


  • He is the final arbiter and responsible for acceptance or refusal


  • He deals with problems related to errors or plagiarism committed by the Author (s)

The Reviewer


  • Most often a researcher


  • Member of a Reading Committee, under the responsibility of the Editor


  • Usually anonymous vs. the submitting author


  • Subject to the same restrictive requirements as Publishers


  • Can work in pairs or more


  • Responsible for advising the Editor on the admissibility of the submitted text


  • Reviewer's position can be rewarding in a scientific career path



Peer-reviewing (retrospective)

The Author


A full author should have:


  • Contributed effectively to the research, acquisition and interpretation of data.

  • Participated in the drafting and revision of the article

  • Approved the final version of the article


It is fully in solidarity with all the co-authors in the responsibility of publication.


Authors and contributors

Le Corresponding Author


  • Chosen by the team he is the "interface" between the team, the Editor and the research readers (end users) of the publication


  • His name and e-mail address are often marked with an "envelope" icon (see below on Science Direct)



  • The mere collection of sources or supervision of the work is not enough to confer the status of author 


  • Contributors who do not simultaneously meet the 3 conditions set out in the Authors insert may be named as Acknowledgements


  • This is particularly true of the IPs (participating investigators) and clinical investigators.

The Publisher

He is called in French "éditeur commercial" for convenience, to oppose it to the "scientific" editor (editor): but it can also be a non-profit publisher (actually, hardly ever enough…)


He is theoretically not directly related to the Author


He supervises the Scientific Editor (s)