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Publishing in Sciences - Technology - Medicine (S.T.M.): Submitting the text

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Additional Submission

  • —A preliminary summary work (abstract or poster) may have already been published before a more complete article
  • Complements may include graphic illustrations
  • —The more complete version must mention the exact references of the old abridged version
  • It must faithfully reflect the data and interpretations of the previous version
  • —The results of a search should not be divided into several articles, which lead to a sequence of steps in the research process

Negative results

  • Publishing negative results is very important for the community
  • "Don't go down the hall, the door's locked!"
  • Save others time and money
  • Negative results are intellectually honest and as deserving as positive ones


The error

2 types of error

  • Minor 
    • corrected before final acceptance (e.g. during a revision shuttle with the editor)
    • after publication, corrected by an Erratum in a later issue
  • Major observed by the readership after publication: will generate at best an Erratum, at worst a Withdrawal, particularly humiliating for a research team
    • Reminder: an experiment is repeated several times to confirm the results. Publishing quickly after a One shot can cause major errors followed by a Withdrawal (seen in Science and Nature in particular)
  • If the evolution of science invalidates an earlier thesis, it is obviously not considered as a mistake

Trajectory of a manuscript

  • Do not submit a text simultaneously to 2 journals
  • Consider very early the possibilities of Open Access (priority Green, if not Gold).
  • A first "shuttle" with the editor is almost systematic (revision of the copy). It follows usually 3 steps:
    • Submitted
    • Accepted
    • Published
  • Generally after the Accepted step, no correction is possible, or only really minor on the part of the author
  • Copyright transfer normally takes place at the stage Accepted
  • Reminder: Publishers have only the rights that the authors have explicitly assigned to them
  • A refusal is neither humiliating nor unacceptable; it is an opportunity to improve the text then proposed elsewhere
    • A journal does not necessarily consider without interest a text rejected elsewhere; the revised and improved text can even be a "plus"

Cover Letter

  • This is the letter written for the submission of the article
  • Innovation and originality are keys to acceptance
  • Include at least one sentence of the type:"To our knowledge, this is the first report showing…"
  • Add systematically:
    • "We confirm that this manuscript has not been published elsewhere and is not
      under consideration by another journal."
    • "All authors have approved the manuscript and agree with its submission
      to [titre de la revue destinataire]."
  • See also the tab "Where to be published?"