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Wikis: Creating a wiki

Learning about and using Web 2.0 collaborative tools ● For efficiently using a wiki

Wiki software with a sandbox

Wikis with a French interface


Locally hosted wikis


A few tips to get started


1. Try starting with cloud-hosted wiki software that doesn't need to be locally installed.

2. Try out the features of the wiki software in the sandbox, the online equivalent of a rough draft.

- Examples of wiki software with sandboxes: MediawikiPmWikiMoinMoin

- Examples of existing wikis with sandboxes: WikipediaEduTechWiki-site (Mediawiki is the wiki software)

3. Create your own space on the selected wiki by filling in a form (create a login and assign a name to the wiki). The syntax usually used for the address is the assigned name followed by the name of the wiki software.

For example, (name of the created wiki: redacthese – wiki software used: pbworks)

- Examples of wiki software: CafeWiki, ZohoWiki

    Web-hosted wikis