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Wikis: Wiki, blog or website

Learning about and using Web 2.0 collaborative tools ● For efficiently using a wiki

Wikis and the Web

Wikis are hosted on "external" systems called wiki farms.
A wiki is a collaborative tool that can be accessed via a Web browser and that provides for archiving and sharing files (texts, images, videos, URL links) on pages that everyone can see (public wiki) or that are restricted to authorised users (private wiki).


Wikis and websites

A wiki works as a standard website, but has the added advantage of providing for easy and quick updates and maintenances.


Unlike a website, a wiki allows everybody to see the latest changes (date, time, author) made to the wiki.


An RSS feed can also be used to stay updated on the real-time changes made by the other users.


Wikis and blogs

Unlike a blog, which is organised in chronological order and is based on blog posts (with priority being given to the most recent articles), a wiki's content can be organised by section and be accessed via a sidebar.


Even though a wiki does not display content according to a date criterion, it keeps a page history that allows users to view the different versions of a page and thus go back to a previous version.


A number of wikis are linked to forums, blogs and FAQs for sharing information on the wiki's features and improvements.