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Wikis: Selecting a wiki model

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Selecting a wiki model

There's no need to be a computer specialist to create a wiki.

The most difficult part is selecting the model or wiki software that will suit your project.

To decide which wiki to choose, compare wikis using a wiki comparison tool such as Wikimatrix, or visit the Framasoft website (in French) to gain a better understanding of the various options and features of the available wiki software:

- Free of charge or not (depending on the storage capacity).

- With or without advertisements.

- Hosted locally or on a wiki farm.

- For public or private use.

- With or without sandbox.

The term wiki software (or wiki engine) is used to describe a wiki's specific operational characteristics and other features. Wikis can be hosted either locally or in the cloud, i.e. the web.

Web hosting services (most of which are free) are called "wiki farms" and have pages called "sandboxes" dedicated to experimenting with wiki syntax. These sandboxes are used to create temporary wikis, experiment with the selected wiki software, and test its features, usability, etc.