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Wikis: A wiki for the researcher

Learning about and using Web 2.0 collaborative tools ● For efficiently using a wiki

Wiki features

A wiki has several features. It allows users to:

  • update any content at the same time (for each authorised user).

  • go back to a previous version using the page history (automatic archiving of the modified content).

  • edit and dynamically link pages using hypertext links.

  • easily write content using a simple html editor in compliance with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) principle.

  • create a dynamic table of contents (sidebar).

  • manage an event calendar.

  • include videos and images.

  • stay updated on any change through an alert system (RSS feed).

By default, the content is accessible in reading mode. Publishing mode is reserved for writing and may require user identification depending on the chosen configuration.

Educational and other wikis

Initially, wikis were meant to give access to information. However, given their flexibility and user-friendliness, wikis are increasingly being used as educational tools within various communities (groups of teachers or students, working groups, etc.) For example: Atedoc.


Wikis can be used as small websites by institutions (higher educational establishments, universities, cities, etc.). Here are a few examples of wikis in French: Wiki Urfist PacaWiki Université Paris SudWikiversityWiki-Brest, RedactheseWiki-Rennes

A tool for...

  • Managing substantial documents by providing for the orderly storage of notes, articles, references (one page for references, one page for images, etc.).

  • Sharing encyclopaedic information (e.g.: Wikipedia) or thematic information (e.g.: the Apogeste wiki).

  • Inviting collaborators to improve the content.

  • Having a dynamic access, storage space and visibility on the Web.

Wiki searching

Search options are only available on public wikis irrespective of whether they are encyclopaedic or thematic.

  • Encyclopaedic Wikis: Wikipedia (content varies depending on the language)

Most wiki software classify their wikis based on the user category (education, business, personal, etc.).