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Zotero workshop

4.1 Join the group Zotero FirstStepsRennes1

You will find the group webpage on Zotero website

This group was set as public but with open membership. Closed membership is compulsory as soon as you share documents along with references for copyright reason. Attached files will not be visible in your online library for copyright reasons, but you may keep them in your local Zotero database. Since the group is open membership you do not have to ask the owner the permission to join. Just click on "Join" and you will get access to the group and its library.

3. Once you are done, sync your Zotero library.

4. The group you joined will then appear in your collection's list.

4.2 Add a reference to this group library

Choose a scientific paper that you have recently read and found inspiring.

collect it in your Zotero workshop collection. Check that the reference is complete.

Add a note to it with your first name and your last name as in the example below:

Then send it to the group library (for instance by dragging and droping it from your own collection to the FirstStepsRennes1 group's library in your dashboard.

4.3 Search groups

Now you could search groups on your files : maybe you could find some interesting ones to collaborate with !