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Zotero workshop

5.1 Add RSS feed to your dashboard

RSS and Atom are file formats that make possible to display updated content from a website. From now on, you can display it on your Zotero dashboard.

To try this feature, choose an information website and look for this icon :

For example, here are the feeds available on the French information website

Click the feed's icon. Copy/paste the URL (for exemple : If there is only one feed on a website, you can just copy/paste the website's URL.

On Zotero's dashboard, click the little triange next to the brown file bouton ajouter un flux

Select "Add a new feed", then "from the URI", and paste the URL. Its title will automatically appear in the box under the URL.

You can check the settings :

The feed appears in the left column, under the collections. New items will appear in the central column. Updates are automatic but can be delayed (every hour or week depending on the frequence of the source website updates). Unread articles are in bold type. As soon as you click a link, it will appear in grey, and disappear after two weeks.

More than a bibliography manager, Zotero 5 can also be a feed reader. Therefore it can be usefull for web monitoring.


5.2 My Publications

This is not a part of an exercise, but just a piece of information about this new feature added to the Zotero fifth version.

If you have already published a paper and wish to make it accessible online like you may already have done, say, on your ResearchGate profile or in your institutional repository then you can use Zotero to showcase it. Moreover Some researchers use Zotero as a curriculum vitae. See for instance Gurdas' profile page

The benefits of uploading your papers to Zotero and linking it to your profile are:

  1. You can make your paper more visible and more citable
  2. Mentions of your work in Zotero counts in Altmetrics and improve your research measure impact
  3. You can collaborate with Zotero users who work on the same topics and be recognized as partners by them based on your publications

You can follow the following steps to go through the uploading process:

First, make sure that you have the right to upload these publications: have you checked your publisher's copyright policy? Do you know enough what the law says about it? In France, the law gives the right to provide an open access copy of your work 6 months after publication if it was published at least 50% percents with public funds on a field related to exact and medical sciences. Yet if you do not have the right to publish the paper itself, you can at least provide the citation in this place.

Then, drag and drop the publications (which must be in a format supported by Zotero, PDF is a perfect one) from your file or desktop to the "My publication" file in your Zotero dashboard.

You now are asked to confirm that you are the owner of this work which you have previously checked. Click "yes" and choose a licence. To help you choose, use the licence selector on