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How to install Zotero

These instructions, if properly followed, provide solutions to most installation issues

2.1 Create your account on Zotero

Creating an online account will allow you to backup and use your library remotely from several devices. Your account will also give you the opportunity to share bibliographies online with other users. This feature is made possible by creating Zotero groups





  1. On Zotero website : click on "Log In" (upper right corner)

  1. Then, click on "Register", same place

  1. Follow the instructions by filling the form fields , validate by clicking on the  "Register" button

2.2 How to sync

In order to link the data you have collected in your dashboard with your online account, just follow these steps:

  1. in Zotero dashboard, Open the Edit menu and then select Preferences, open the Sync tab
  2. login with your ID and your password (the same as for your online account)
  3. Press OK

  1. From now on, every time you sync, vous will load the whole or some part of your collections from your device to your online account. Thus you will get a library available on the web whatever be the device you are using.

Every time you want to sync your local data, press the green circular arrow on the right