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How to install Zotero

These instructions, if properly followed, provide solutions to most installation issues

1.1 Installing Zotero



  • On your own device

Download both Zotero Application and its browser plugin from

> Select the proper version for your operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux, and for your favorite browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Le plugin has been correctly installed est installé if you can see on the upper right corner of your browser the following icon , then after having clicked on it once, this new icon .

This plugin will allow you to collect references and save them in your library while browsing.










  • In the case you are using one of the Library's laptops

if this icon is displayed on the desktop, then you juste have to download the browser plugin from Zotero website.

In the case this icon is not displayed on the desktop and you are using a Computer operated by OpenSuse Linux OS, then click on "OpensUSe" in the bottom left corner, you will find the link to the software in the "bureautique" menu.

1.2 Zotero dashboard



Zotero dashboard has this typical three-columns layout :

  1. on the left panel : your collections,
  2. in the middle, the list of all the items available in the selected collection (papers, books, cases reports, chapters, etc.)
  3. on the right panel :  Metadata of the selected(or by default first) item.

1.3 Word Processors

Zotero works well with 3 word processors :

  1. Word 
  2. Libre Office
  3. Google doc

You will not be able to use Zotero with Page (for Mac OS). Nevertheless, you may also use Zotero with a TeX or Markdown text editor (you will need to use Pandoc in order to process bibliographic metadata in the PDF).

1.4 If needed, check your Java version



"Java is a programming language and a computer platform. Many applications and websites do not work if Java is not installed and their number continues to grow daily."

When you use Zotero with a word processor, Java must have been installed and updated. Otherwise, you may face issues (for instance, Zotero icons in your word processor not displayed or not active). If you need to check your Java installation in LibreOffice, follow these steps.




  1. In LibreOffice > Tools > Options > Advanced



  1. in case there is no blue line with the name of the Java programme, you will have to download Java. You can download JDK (Java Development Kit from here It will not take long, just a few minutes. Do not forget to restart your computer once you have correctly download Java Development Kit.

Please restart your computer when the installation is done. If you do not do this, your word processor may not connect properly with Java.

  1. If "Oracle Corporation" does appear in the frame, click on the radio button and then click OK

1.5 I have downloaded or updated Java on my computer and still it does not work?



You have not noticed any change after having correctly installed Java in your word processor? Follow the steps below:




  1. Go to LibreOffice > Tools > Extensions or plugins manager
  2. find and delete the "Zotero LibreOffice Integration" add-on (hence comes the trouble you deal with)

  1. Then close LibreOffice
  2. Set up again the Zotero plugin for your word processor (Go to Zotero Préférences > Cite menu > Word processors > Installer addon for LibreOffice
  3. Reopen LibreOffice, now this should work...

1.6 Instructions for ChromeOs and GNU/Linux OS

1. GNU / Linux

If you run a GNU/Linux distro on your device, the following instructions may help you (tested with Ubuntu 18.4) :

1) In the terminal as Sudo or Root type the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:smathot/cogscinl

This will make a link with the repository where you will find Zotero package. This repository is safe, you can use it without any risk.

Then update your packages:

sudo apt-get update

Install the Zotero standalone package :


If it does not work in the terminal, copy and paste this line in your browser and press enter. The reference manager will now be avaialbe in the software manager.

These instructions may also work with other distros.

Source : commentaire de Louis_David 10 octobre 2018 dans le thread suivant :


2. Chrome OS

If you use a Chromebook, please follow the instructions published and updated on the forum.