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How to install Zotero

These instructions, if properly followed, provide solutions to most installation issues

Need more help?

  • Ask your librarians
    • BU Beaulieu (Philosophy and Sciences Library) : Catherine Derennes,, Flora Blanco, et Lénaïck Denis,
    • BU Villejean Santé (Health Library) : Harold Jouan,, Damien Belvèze,, Xavier Chard-Hutchinson,
    • BU Centre (Law, Management and Economy Library) : Nathalie Coval,
  • Les ateliers du midi : workshops are scheduled all over the year ( ateliers Zotero ) between 1PM to 2PM, feel free to register!
  • Doc'Zotero : we are present two times a month to provide you customized help (see next sessions here )