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How to increase the visibility of your work: blogging

Workshop for PhD Students

Why blogging is a good strategy?

Managing a blog takes time and energy and requires discipline, but it is worth the pain



Evidence was found in the economic research that blog posts have a very positive impact on the number of abstracts views or downloads of one's paper
Writing a blog may give you practice in scientific communication which will help you to write your papers. The more you write a blog, the less you will have difficulties to write your dissertation.
Besides, the style you can use in a blog is more diverse and better reflects your personality than a standardized paper would do. You also can write things in a blog that would be considered as irrelevant in a publication.
A publication is a very short form of scientific communication, you cannot spent too much place to talk about the critical steps of your research, while you can develop all these aspects on a blog post. This is another proof that you have taken care of every step of the path followed from the original idea till the publication of the results.
You will probably get feedback that will be usefull to lead your publication project and event reshape it if it is necessary
Writing a blog post about the data you have just stored on a repository contribute to the visibility and understanding of these data by other researchers. it can be a real alternative compared to the standard adn sometimes laconic description of the data file on the repository.
The same can be said about software you have stored on Github. Your blog can be a very rich guide to make easier the reuse of your code.