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How to increase the visibility of your work: setting your Google Scholar profile

Workshop for PhD Students

Narcissism or quest for more visibility?

Populating a Google Scholar Profile is one of the thing if not the main thing scholars do to become more visible on the web.

Google Scholar allows you to showcase your works and track the number of citations of each of these.

Add all your publications to your profile is made easy by the google scholar search engine ; you will asked to declare for each citation Google Scholar thinks could be yours if it is the case or not.

Nevertheless, you shoud be aware that Scholars metrics (citation counts) are limited and sometimes can be faked, just as other impact factors.

You will have to decide which are the purposes of creating and populating a google scholar profile : 

Are you trying to become more findable with the proper keywords, like for instance when a journalist tries to find an expert about a topic?

Is-it in order to track every citation to your work as you monitor each notification in your twitter account like some social-network addict?

Is it in order to make a comprehensive and oonline bibliography of all your work?

To learn more about Google Scholar profiles and how to create one, read the following how-to guide edited by the ImpactStory team