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Legal aspects to submitting and circulating a thesis: Submission process

Identifying the legal framework applicable to submitting and circulating your thesis

Submitting a hard copy

When a university requires that a hard copy be submitted, the doctoral student is expected to submit two hard copies of their thesis, along with enough copies for each member of the jury.

The doctoral student will also need to fill in a national registration form (bordereau d’enregistrement national) mentioning:

  • Supervisor’s details

  • Type of doctorate undertaken.

  • Bibliographic details.

  • Abstract of the thesis – one in French and one in English

  • A list of key-words.

  • Copying and circulating authorisations for the thesis.

Submitting in electronic format

When a university requires that the thesis be submitted in electronic format, the doctoral student is expected to submit their thesis in an electronic format in keeping with the university’s guidelines (file extension, following a style sheet or not …).

Useful tip: run the files through FACILE (tool analysing compatible formats for archiving and circulating) before submitting them to the university.

The doctoral student is also expected to provide a hard copy of their thesis for each member of the jury, should they so require, unless the university takes responsibility for printing.

When submitting their thesis electronically, the doctoral student will be asked to fill in the electronic form available on the STAR platform upon signing on (the university’s doctoral research office will provide registration details and access key to the platform. ABES tutorial: here).

To find out how to fill in the national registration form online, please visit this ABES tutorial.