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Using the Web of Science: Current awareness tools

Searching, quantitatively analysing and keeping up to date using the Web of Science multidisciplinary and international bibliographic database.

Saving your search history...

This feature allows you to save your search queries in a file. Once your search query has been saved, you can access your search parameters and corresponding results at any time.

  • To access the search history, click on Search history.


  • To save your work, click on Save history.

  • Name the file and click on "Save".

You can save up to 40 distinct search histories.

... Creating an email alert

When saving your search history, you can set an email alert to be notified whenever new references are added to WOS:

  • Click on the checkbox:

  • Enter an email address in the field .

  • Use a semicolon (;) and a space character between two addresses.

  • Select a type of alert.
  • Select "Full record" to obtain all the bibliographic information
  • Select an email format. The "ISIResearchSoft" format makes it possible to save all the references you have received and easily import the file into a reference management software package
  • Select an email frequency option
  • Click on Save to save the alert

... Create a citation alert

You would like to know when one of your articles or a bibliographic reference you are monitoring is cited by an author in another article?

  • Click on the article’s reference in the result list
  • Click on , in the top right-hand corner.

  • Then click on

You will thus receive an email alert whenever this article is cited.